1. Save trees
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Low CO2 Emission
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Saving 300000
4. clean air


Akij Board uses only the branches of the trees to prepare the chips in the production process. This product discourages deforestation as the main stem of the tree remains untouched. Every year we save almost 300,000 cubic meters of timber.

UF (urea formaldehyde) resin is produced at our plant by maintaining the lowest standard emission level. This ensures low CO2 emission into the environment and the health safety of thousands of workers and millions of Board users.

  • On average, 0.3 million cubic meters of solid wood are saved every year. Deforestation saw a sharp dip.
  • 80% of rural manufacturers now have access to this board.
  • Wood-finished furniture is made affordable without using the wood.
  • Created employment of 2.5 million people.